Work Requests in Virginia Beach

United Roofing Corporation is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Virginia Beach. Learn more about United Roofing Corporation's recent work requests in Virginia Beach and nearby areas!

Learn more about United Roofing Corporation's recent work requests in Virginia Beach, VA
Vicinity of Purebred Drive in Virginia Beach
Roof is about 18 years old I'm selling my house and need a new roof
Vicinity of Biltmore Dr. in Virginia Beach
Roof Replacment
Vicinity of Biltmore Drive in Virginia Beach
Vicinity of Huckleberry Trail in Virginia Beach
We noticed 2 small leaks where water is dripping off of a few roof nails in the attic. The roof is only 9 years old. We would like it repaired as soon as possible. Thank you.
Vicinity of Callandish Ct in Virginia Beach
Looking to get my roof replaced
Vicinity of Huckleberry Trail in Virginia Beach
We have a couple of roof leaks that need to be repaired and are soliciting free quotes. The work would entail the removal of two section of decking, each about 4'x4', and replacing the plywood, tar paper and shingles. As this is pressing, timely repair is critical.
Vicinity of Dundee Lane in Virginia Beach
Our roof was leaking this am. We need an estimate for a repair and if needed a replacement estimate. Thank you
Vicinity of Weybridge Circle in Virginia Beach
Old siding
Vicinity of Alleghany Loop in Virginia Beach
New roof estimate needed
Vicinity of Sandpiper Rd in Virginia Beach
Looking for estimate on new roof.
Vicinity of Buffer Ct in Virginia Beach
Remove and replace roof
Vicinity of Lombard Drive in Virginia Beach
New shingle asphalt roof, 1400 sq foot.
Vicinity of Goldsboro Ave in Virginia Beach
Roof replacement & window replacement quotes.
Vicinity of Esplanade Dr in Virginia Beach
Need quotes for roof replacement.
Vicinity of Church Point Road in Virginia Beach
I need a quote to replace my roof. Thanks!
Vicinity of Featherbed Ct in Virginia Beach
This is a rental property. Sunroom is leaking and needs new roofing. It is a flat roof. I am active duty military if there is a discount.
Vicinity of Hiwassee Circle in Virginia Beach
For a new homeowners policy I need to fix some loose shingles and replace a fascia board.
Vicinity of Crofts Pride Drive in Virginia Beach
Roof Repair
Vicinity of Rock Lake Loop in Virginia Beach
New roof
Vicinity of Old Lyne Rd in Virginia Beach
My roof is leaking in 2 spots. I would like to get someone to check it out for me. I sure that one spot is due to the skylight not sure about the other spot. I am usually free from work around 4 in the evening if you would like to be able to see the inside.
Vicinity of Blackstone Ct. in Virginia Beach
Our Ins Co has informed us that we need repairs. Would like estimate on new Roofing.
Vicinity of Greenwich Rd in Virginia Beach
I would like to get an estimate for roof work at our Hampton Beach project. They are in process of constructing a new parapet wall on the main building which will require TPO installation on the top of parapet, continuing down the back and tying into existing roof. Aluminum gravel stop/fascia on front edge of parapet. Drive through porte cochere will require tapered roof installation over existing steel deck. Supervisor is on site. Plans available.
Vicinity of Blackstone Court in Virginia Beach
Need new roof in order to renew home owners insurance.even though they did a Ariel view not sure what kind of inspection that was I have a town home 900 square feet no curves just a front and back sloped roof it is 17 years old
Vicinity of Pewter Road in Virginia Beach
Old, worn/ damaged/ clogged gutters. Missing downspouts.
Vicinity of Providence in Virginia Beach
New roof
Vicinity of School Rd. in Virginia Beach
Want house roof replaced. it is >30 yrs old
Vicinity of Clifton Bridge Drive in Virginia Beach
Replace a few shingles on the roof. I am not sure exactly how many. I have 4 that I found in the yard.
Vicinity of Mulberry Loop in Virginia Beach
Roof replacement
Vicinity of Creeks Edge Dr in Virginia Beach
Would like to replace my existing skylight with a new one that also has blinds of some sort and more energy efficiency. Thanks, Sheila This is not my number as I cannot answer at work. I do check my email though.
Vicinity of Eden Way in Virginia Beach
Roofing inspection and repair (not replacement)
Vicinity of Lotus Creek Drive in Virginia Beach
We have a roof leak and missing shingles. There is water coming through the roof over the front foyer, into the attic and through the ceiling.
Vicinity of Romney Lane in Virginia Beach
Real estate agent. Need quote for client. They are replacing roof. Completion date June 1, 2018. Architectural dark shingles needed.
Vicinity of Delaware Crossing in Virginia Beach
Siding repair and getting a new Roof on our home.
Vicinity of Dylan Drive in Virginia Beach
I am interested in new gutter installation.
Vicinity of Weymouth Ct in Virginia Beach
Roof needs to be replaced on our rental home so we can list it for sale
Vicinity of Woodburne Drive in Virginia Beach
Looking for a estimate for roof repair from wind storm or full replacement cost. Thanks